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TrollDental Sweden AB was established in 1972 in Trollhättan under the name Trollhätteplast AB and invested early on the development of plastic-based innovative products.

The start was a world-leading system for archiving analogous dental X-ray images, TrollMounts, which still exists in our product range. Before the digital X-ray era, we had about 40 different TrollMount designs, mainly standard designs for full status X-rays procedures and single images, but also special patterns for universities and colleges in the United States and Europe.

The transition to digital X-ray has resulted in a shift from archiving X-ray images to the actual image capture. X-ray holders and protection for sensors and image plates are our specialties. Our knowledge in this area has meant that today we manufacture products for Planmeca, Vatech, Gendex, and Sirona, to name a few.

Most of our production is exported. Ten years ago, we had 11 subsidiaries around the world, selling mostly directly to dental clinics. That is not the case today. Now we have four subsidiaries: USA, Australia, England, and Germany. We still sell directly to clinics and distributors.


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